Vein Therapy

The YAG laser targets small veins of the face, nose, and legs.

Laser Vein Therapy in New Fairfield, CT

Spider veins are a common issue that can develop around the face or legs. They are typically clusters of discolored veins that form a web-like pattern. Laser vein treatment is a non-invasive treatment option that decreases the appearance of spider veins on the face, nose, and legs.

How Vein Therapy Works

The YAG laser setting emits a highly focused beam of light energy that is targeted at the veins being treated. The heat emitted from the light energy is absorbed by the veins which damages them, causing them to collapse. Eventually, these damaged veins will be destroyed and reabsorbed. One to two treatments over the course of four to six weeks are generally required for maximum results.

Why We Like Vein Therapy

The YAG laser provides a non-invasive solution to small spider veins of the face, nose, and legs with minimal downtime.

Treatable Areas


Treatment Process


The treatment area will first be evaluated by one of our medical aesthetic providers. We will discuss goals and treatment plans and make recommendations accordingly.


The area of concern will be wiped with an alcohol pad. Vessels will then be targeted with our Yag laser and pulses of laser will go across the treatment area until there is visible blanching. Upon completion of treatment aloe cortisone cream will be applied to soothe the surrounding skin.

Pre and Post-Treatment Do’s and Don’ts


Complete your paperwork prior to your appointment, including the pre-laser checklist. Have a gentle cleanser, sunscreen and Aquaphor at home.


Wear makeup to your appointment. Have an active suntan. Plan to be sun exposed for several days following treatment. Have an important event planned for one week post treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this treatment right for me?
This treatment is great for candidates with small spider veins of the face, nose, and legs without associated large green reticular veins or varicose veins.
How soon will I see results?
Veins will blanch and shut down immediately following treatment, however, the treatment area will become more inflamed and slightly pink for several days following treatment. Maximum results from treatment are seen at four weeks.
Is this treatment painful?
The treatment feels like a hot rubber band snapping, immediately followed by a burst of cold. It is well tolerated with discomfort lasting a few seconds during treatment.
How often should I receive this treatment?
Most patients receive one to two treatments spaced four to six weeks apart and require one per year maintenance thereafter.
How long will results last?

Secondary to causative factors such as sun exposure and alcohol use, most patients return yearly for maintenance treatments.

Should I plan for downtime?
Most patients will be slightly inflamed and pink in the treatment area for several hours following treatment. It is recommended that you do not plan any important events for several days following treatment, should your skin remain inflamed. Otherwise, there is no associated downtime.

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