This treatment stimulates muscle contraction of the butt, belly, and legs to help tone and define!

CoolTone in New Fairfield, CT and Thornwood, NY

CoolTone is an innovative body sculpting treatment that increases muscle tone of the abdomen, butt, and thighs. CoolTone is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment that uses Active Magnetic Pulse™ (AMP™) technology for magnetic muscle stimulation to strengthen and tone muscles of the stomach, buttock, and legs.

How CoolTone Works

Using magnetic technology, CoolTone stimulates muscle contractions. During a single 30 minute session, muscles contract simulating 20,000 crunches or squats. Lactic acid is removed from the muscle throughout treatment to avoid muscle soreness following treatment. Six treatments over the course of 3 weeks are recommended to maximize results and increase muscle by 33%.

Benefits of CoolTone

At LIV Aesthetics Medical Spa, our medical team prioritizes your comfort and delivers exceptional results through CoolTone treatments. Here are some of the benefits of CoolTone.

Painless Treatment

CoolTone sessions are pain-free. Achieve enhanced muscle definition without any soreness or major discomfort during the treatment.

Guided Sessions

Trust your body-shaping goals to our leading medical team, ensuring a safe, effective, and personalized experience based on your goals.

No Downtime

One of the benefits of CoolTone is having no downtime. You can return to your daily activities immediately.


CoolTone at LIV Aesthetics Medical Spa adheres to rigorous standards for safety and effectiveness.

Precision in Muscle Toning

CoolTone’s precision in targeted muscle toning makes it the perfect treatment for body shaping and strength enhancement.

Efficiency in Every Session

Each session only lasts for 30 minutes, making it the go-to choice for people with busy schedules.

Powerful Contractions with Powerful Results

The treatment results in 20,000 muscle contractions per session. It surpasses the intensity of traditional workouts for strength enhancement.

Double the Intensity

Choose CoolTone at LIV Aesthetics Medical Spa for a twice-powerful solution, outshining competitors in enhancing muscle definition.

Comparative Insights: CoolTone vs. CoolSculpting

Choosing between CoolTone and CoolSculpting has become a discussion among people looking for body contouring options. These two treatments have their respective strengths, especially for muscle toning and fat reduction.

Targeted Outcomes

  • CoolSculpting focuses on fat reduction by freezing and eliminating adipocytes.
  • CoolTone emphasizes muscle toning, stimulating and strengthening muscles for enhanced definition.

Procedure Approach

  • CoolSculpting employs controlled cooling to freeze and destroy fat cells.
  • CoolTone utilizes electromagnetic muscle stimulation to trigger involuntary muscle contractions.

Results Timeframe

  • CoolSculpting’s results take around 4-8 weeks to develop as the body metabolizes frozen fat cells.
  • CoolTone provides ongoing muscle enhancement over a series of sessions. It results in noticeable improvements in muscle tone.

Why We Like CoolTone

Not everyone has time to get to the gym, CoolTone will increase muscle to provide a toned, sculpted body that can be maintained by monthly treatments or regular exercise regimen.

Treatable Areas




Treatment Process


Treatment area will first be evaluated by one of our medical aesthetic providers. We will discuss goals and treatment plans and make recommendations accordingly.


Area of concern will be strapped to the CoolTone applicator and treatment sessions will begin. The medical aesthetic provider will remain with you, increasing the strength of treatment based on your comfort and tolerance. Treatment is 30 minutes long.

Pre and Post-Treatment Do’s and Don’ts


Wear comfortable clothing to your appointment. Remove any body piercing within the treatment area. You may continue your normal activity. 


Wear heavy jewelry to your treatment. Use your phone during treatment.  Have metal implants within the treatment area. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this treatment right for me?

This treatment is great for candidates near their ideal body weight that are looking to enhance muscle definition. Should you not be within your goal weight, we may suggest combining CoolSculpting to first reduce any unwanted fat prior to your toning treatment.

How soon will I see results?

After each treatment you will feel tighter and stronger, mimicking a gym pump each treatment. Your maximum results are visibly noticeable 6 weeks after your last treatment.

Is this treatment painful?

CoolTone is very well tolerated. It feels like a deep muscle contraction and release for the treatment duration.

How often should I receive this treatment?

The treatment protocol is 6 treatments over the course of 3 weeks. Maintenance can be achieved by gym activity or 1 treatment per month. Memberships are available.

How long will results last?

Results from the initial treatment series will last up to 3 months, however, with regular gym activity or monthly maintenance treatments, results will be maintained longer.

Should I plan for downtime?

Most patients experience mild muscle soreness following treatment without any true downtime. Patients are encouraged to continue normal daily activity following treatments.
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Before & After Gallery

Ready to see results like these? With a full spectrum of treatments available, you will receive a customized experience based on your personal cosmetic goals.

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