Lash Lifts and Tinting
The perfect way to wake up and go. Giving a semi permanent curl to the lashes using Elleebana Lash Lift with Keratin will strengthen the lashes and give a brighter look to your eyes. No more lash curler necessary! Adding a tint with your choice of color to the lashes will give you the chance to enhance your natural lashes without mascara! Lasts for up to 8 weeks!  Treatment is 60 minutes long.  

Lash Tint
Using a blend of natural color, we safely apply tint to the lashes. Great for contact wearers as well. Lasts for up to 6 weeks

Brow Tints
We match your color perfectly after a mini consultation. Tinting the brows gives them a filler and more uniform appearance. Lasts up to 6 weeks

Price List:

Lash Lift & Tinting: $75

Lash Tint: $35

Brow Tint: $20

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